Advent Clothing Company

Las Cruces, NM based clothing and lifestyle company. I've worked with as a sponsorship rep, sales vender, and social media/sponsorship consultant.


Logo Design

The horse head and spelled out logo were not chosen, but I liked the vib--video arcade title meets sports team type logo.

The logo seal with the ACC was orginally designed by someone else--I revamped it to give it a gritter edge and better more bold look.  

Website (active)

Used HTML, CSS, and PHP to create a simple gateway to information, online store, and contact. I also updated the styling on their online store service.

Goodie Bags

For the Vans Warped Tour 2012 Advent gave away 500 goodie bags a day to people waiting inline to enter. Inside was a sticker and a flyer with a promo code. To get the bag, patrons had to give their email on an iPad. I designed the flyer, did the layout for the sticker, and acted as and Account Executive between owner and product vendors. I also was on the entire Vans Warped 2012 overseeing the promotional activities and managing volunteers.


Social Media

For the Vans Warped Tour 2012 I got their social media together and managed for that period of time. Tweeter activity and interaction, Facebook fan page upkeep, and tons of photos on their instagram from the tour.


Instagram: advent_clothing