The James Douglas Show

Albuquerque, NM funk and house band for the After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada. Arguably biggest Albuquerque's band.

Not only did I design, but acted as an Account Executive between different vendors and apparel production companies.


Logo Design

Short letter play--feels phat. Added some royal ornamentals for swagger. So phat infact that members of the band have tattooed this on their bodies. Needless to say they were really happy with it. 

Sticker Design

Stickers are two color circles on vinyl.  Made for promo and button/sticker pack.

Pick Design

Created crest and set-up files for printing on guitar picks.


Button Design

Four full-color button designs for button/sticker pack.

T-Shirt Designs

JDS USA (Printed and Designed) - Two color print on a white American Apparel t-shirt.

Sugar Skulls (Printed) - Four Color print on a red woman's American Apparel t-shirt. Concept design by Nick aka filly4585 @ deviantart.com.

Splash (Printed and Designed) - Four color print on a black American Apparel t-shirt.

Skull Hood (Designed) - Two color front and back printed on a black hoody.