Huey Lewis And The News

Native San Francisco, CA blue-eyed soul band. You know the hits: "Power of Love," "Doing It For My Baby," and "Happy To Be Stuck With You." If you don't own the albums Fore! or Sports, you need to get them.


T-shirt Designs

I Sunglasses (Printed) - Two color print on a white and army colored T-shirt. Shirt was for sale on their Summer 2012 tour.

SF Crest (not printed) - One color design that paid tribute to their hometown. 

Delorean (not printed) - Six color print on a black shirt or neon green tank top. This would have sold like hotcakes.

Blue-Eyed Soul / Hope (not printed) - Three or four color print on a few different colored tees. This was a cop-out--pop culture makes you do things like this.

Poster Design

A limited, screen-printed poster was discussed, though the likely hood of the merch company producing one was very small. The design below is rough and unfinished.