M.I.T.E. Covers EP

The second release from my band Music is the Enemy. It started out with us planning a release in late March 2011/ early April 2011 but with little idea of what we were going to do. We learned some covers that fans seemed to like, so we scraped an earlier idea for the Covers EP. It was a rushed project with a lot speed bumps in the way.  

The physical release to this is/was limited to 60 units. Each unit is a CD, and a numbered 14" x 14" five-color screen printed tapestry. However, the first 30 pre-orders got limited edition M.I.T.E. trading cards (a pack of 6). 

Buy it here: or download it for free at 

Original Artwork

I took the position of art director/project manager on this. I commissioned a local artist Al Niar to do the artwork. One of his many styles is a more geometric type sketching that I saw before and wanted for this project. My concept was one of a declaration of independence over an image of an old man. The artwork I had to work with is at the bottom of the page. I had to color separate it, and vectorize it for printing.


 A five-color screen printed piece of canvas. 60+ printed. Only 60 for sale with some extras for people who were apart of the project. 

CD Layout

The CD it self is just a hi-res photo of the tapestry artwork with some text and layout graphics.

Trading Cards

I designed all of these and let me tell you they were so fun to make. Iíve always loved the idea of trading cards as a promotional product or added extra to a product. M.I.T.E. has been described as an ďanti-bandĒóthey donít have a bio, they donít publically post the names of the members in the band. This was a treat to release to big fans so they can know all the answers to questions they have had about the project. Only 30 packs were created to accompany 30 pre-orders of the EP on the M.I.T.E. webstore. These cards were made with a Sailor Jerry tattoo theme.