Spew Fest  2

An all ages punk rock summer fest in Albuquerque New Mexico started by my friend Aaron Wimmer. The fest, in its first year, had eight bands and over 100 people in attendance. In 2012, Spew Fest 2 is attempting to fulfill a broader vision.


It's a challenging feat to make something look and sound less gross than it really is. Spew Fest 2, with it's broader vision, needed to be more marketable to businesses, most notably restaurant sponsors.

The logo is more of a paint splat look with drawn text in purple. I chose purple because green would have implied something grosser and less likely to be accepted by food sponsors.

T-Shirt Layout

Spew shirt was designed in MS paint. It was my job to ensure that the look was kept, but still have it ready and looking good for printing. Three color print on a black t-shirt.

Sales Materials

I created sponsorship sales sheets that outline the different price points for businesses to buy onto this punk rock mega fest. (Not pictured)


www.spewfest.net (inactive)

I had a lot of fun with the website header. I drew the drippy text, and all illustrations except the pterodactyl, which was something that was used with Spew Fest 1. The website has a band sign up page, email list, and other static pages. This page is hand coded HTML, CSS and PHP with MySql databases.

Web site currently redirects poeple to their facebook fan page. Design was up from 2011 till Summer 2012