Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico

A 501(c)3 that advocates cycling in New Mexico.

Website (active)

"I want people to go to the website, and say, 'this is a New Mexico website,'" said BCNM President Diane Albert when asked what she wanted the site to look like.

The site template is of simple design--mostly white with blue highlights. The front of the website has a image rotator that displays different pictures of New Mexico.

Includes the following features:

- Social Networking Application connected through facebook.

- Membership database with online contribution system.

- Cycling class posting system with student sign-up function. (Worked in conjunction with a programmer on this feature.)

- Web store for products.


The logo uses negative space to reveal the gear and pedal. The pedal is pointed up and forward to symbolize forward thinking and a drive to succeed. The logo is usually with a teal to darker teal gradient. Logo is used on all BCNM communications both print and digital.

T Shirts

Membership Shirts: Front and back one color print on Gold, Sky, and Kiwi 5.3 oz T shirts.

Education Shirts: Front and back one color print on Safety Green 5.3 oz T shirts.

National Bike Rally Shirts: 4 color front and 1 color back print on White 5.3 oz T shirts. (not pictured)


Nearly the coolest thing I've ever designed is a 10 x 10 Ez-Up tent canopy. It reflects the brand, and is eye catching if surrounded by other like tents.