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bcnm ter spew mmm mite

Bicycle Coalition of
New Mexico

Tierra Encantada

Spew Fest 2 Major Motion Mike Music is the Enemy
I've acted as webmaster and go-to guy for all things creative since March of 2010. Completed branding and website implementation as well as promotional items. Also screen printed T-shirts for membership, education, and events. Two realtors who needed an identity and website. They had an existing color scheme and brand image in mind.
The second installment of my buddies' one-day, punk rock summer fest. Designed a logo, website and some illustrations for web, print, and apparel. Also provided event preparation consulting for the event, as well as the creation of a feasibility study, and sales materials.
My professional identity. You're on the website so you've seen it. My business cards are very fun. They were made with the idea of 'collect'em all' in mind. There are six different designs in all.
My punk rock band. I am the manager of things design, branding, social media, merchandising, promotions planning, etc. MITE was voted "Best Band Headed for Stardom 2010" in Albuquerque the Magazine.
blkdmd psi covers carpool sublime

Black Diamond Screen Printing

PSi Remodeling
M.I.T.E. Covers EP Vans Warped Tour: Eco Initiative Sublime with Rome
Albuquerque-based screen printing company that needed a simple static page to put up with priceing and contact information. My first web client. Remodeling company that needed a simple static website.  
The Covers EP is the second release from my band Music is the Enemy. It started out as a joke idea but, due to popular demand, went through to become an acutal release.  Concept illustrations made for a car pool and mass transit section of the Vans Warped Tour website.
 Poster project for Fueled By Ramen Records (WEA). Artist is Sublime--a popular rock-ska-reggae band from Long Beach, CA.
school aces

School Work

Aces Tattoo Shop
The Ill Motion
  The Balcony Scene
Huey Lewis And The News
Here's a collection of some school projects I completed at Kent State University and The Art Center Design College / Southwest College of Visual Arts  Constructed a simple HTML / CSS website that personified their new, sleek branding.
Apparel design for Albuquerque punk rock band The Ill Motion.
Varity of design, web and apparel work for Albuquerque pop rock band The Balcony Scene / Saintly Rows.   
Apparel design for the legend and his band via Tin Man Merchandising. One of the highlights of my life.
mtl jds hoj

Metal The Brand

 The James Douglas Show
Hammer Of Justice Open
Advent Clothing Company
Extenstion of my personal art. Highlight is creating a successful Kickstarter campaign that was loved both by KS staff, and KS community.   Apparel / logo design. Apparel printing. Account Executive related activites surrounding their 2012 merchandise product line.
 Logo design for a Texas based Starcraft 2 tournament.
  Full service web, social media, and Vans Warped 2012 promotions coordinator.
 In 2008 I animated a short for a chicago based band. The 'toon was made in Aftereffects and is a motion graphics delight.