What I Do: I offer design services (print, web, apparel, video). Screen printing services for apparel, posters, etc. Marketing and promotions consulting. Tour marketing and crowd interaction aficionado. Merchandise manager, tour manager, drum technician.

About me: I'm a Rust belt native. To be a little more specific, somewhere landlocked between Browns' and Steelers' country. Supported early on by elders, I was given the tools to succeed: Crayola crayons and a TV to watch the CBS KIDS Saturday morning cartoon line-up. Around the same time I was introduced to two records that arguably started my life: Carol King (Tapestry), and Richard Marx (self-titled). Attended and graduated from Kent State University. Learned about television business, video production, motion graphics, marketing/promotions and LAN parties. During the college years I had a full time band, graphics assistant position at a production company, a paid promotions position with Island Def Jam and many opportunities to tour the United States. There were transitions--moved to NYC. Assisted those who sell air nationally, and had a lot of fun elsewhere. Moved to the high desert to study animation, and web. Learned how to screen print. Got in a new band that has touched the hearts of teenagers with angst. Now, I find success in doing a lot of different things for a lot of different people and learning through each experience.

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